Taylor Haigh is a freelance graphic and interior designer based on Gabriola Island with over a decade of industry experience. She utilizes her skills in technical drafting to create thoughtfully designed products including Tarot cards and mats, lunar calendars, enamel pins and more.

My name is Taylor and I’m an artist and designer living in the gulf islands of British Columbia. I have spent the majority of my adult years as a front line mental health worker in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and on Vancouver Island working in low income housing serving meals, providing health and home support, and starting art programs in the community. Over the years I have collected a lot of hands-on experience in mental health through this work as well as through my own personal struggle with anxiety and panic disorder.


Photo by Stephanie Artuso 2020

Late in 2016 the opioid crisis hit us hard and working became considerably more challenging and chaotic for front line workers and other emergency response personnel. For me, personally, things became especially difficult as my own mental health was drastically impacted by the traumas I was experiencing in the workplace. I continued to power through because I felt the work was important, but by the spring of 2017 I was in way over my head and suffering a mental breakdown that made it impossible for me to function on shift. I found out the hard way that self care, particularly for those in the social work field, is essential and putting yourself on the back burner for too long can be really detrimental to your health.

In the end I was forced to accept that I could no longer continue with my career and would have to step back and begin the process of healing myself. At the height of my anxiety about how I was going to navigate this major change in my life as well as continue to financially support my household I was very surprised to discover I was pregnant.

It has been difficult to accept that sometimes things happen in life that you cannot control. I have given up a career I cared deeply about because my own mental health made it impossible to continue, and in a unexpected twist have now stepped into a new role as mother to a beautiful little girl. A true burn-it-all-to-the-ground Tower transformation!

It has been an intense journey, and it’s not over. I’ve had to be creative in plotting my next steps, and that’s what brings me to The Fox Universe Tarot. This deck has become a real passion project for me and I love that I have been able to create something that reflects the things I have learned through this difficult period. Self care is critical in this busy world and far too many people, myself included, don’t give it enough thought. This deck aims to raise awareness of the importance of truly caring for yourself properly.