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Got a question? Before using the info on the Contact page to get in touch, check out these frequently asked questions for some possible answers. Still not seeing what you want? Send me a message and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


I need my package by a certain date, can I upgrade shipping?

Upgrades are available if you want your order to arrive by a specific date. Please get in contact prior to ordering to communicate when you need your package and ensure it can be done. Please keep in mind next day service may not be available depending on your location as the orders are shipped from a rural location which can occasionally cause delays.

Where is my package? It's been foreverrrr.

Ah yes, snail mail. It can be great but it can also be frustrating! Shipping timelines are listed on the Shop Policies page, please read them thoroughly before ordering so you know what to expect. Orders within Canada and the USA should arrive within a 10 day window (can be quicker depending on how far from the West Coast you are). International orders, depending on your location, can take longer to arrive.


If you have a tracking number, please use it to locate your package before making contact. If the estimated delivery date has passed and you have not yet received your package please contact me so I can look into it.


If you chose standard shipping without a tracking number then I am unable to locate the package and would recommend we give ample time for it to arrive before declaring it lost (in the past I have sent replacements out for packages that arrived a few days after the customer made contact). Once the packages are dropped off at the Post Office I no longer have control over when they will arrive, though if it has been longer than a few weeks and still no package, please do get in touch so a replacement can be sent out for you.


Why is international shipping so expensive?

The most inexpensive shipping service available for international orders with Canada Post are sent via Surface Service and can take anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks to arrive. Because the delivery window is so huge it is hard to tell when the package will make it to your door and it could be months before we know if it has been lost or not. Waiting three months for an online purchase is just stupid and has caused a lot of headaches, so for this reason I no longer offer Surface service as an option at checkout. Unfortunately CP increases the cost of Air Service quite a bit over Surface, which sucks but is out of my control.

I don't like the items I ordered. Can I return them?

Bummer! It's totally possible to receive a tarot deck and just not feel a connection with it, and it is also possible to just not like something once you have received it for whatever reason that may be. However, at this time I do not accept returns or offer refunds on any orders placed from The Fox Tarot. Please feel free to pass your deck on to someone else as a gift or trade it with someone for something you are more into. Thank you for the support, regardless!

My package was returned to sender, can you send it to me again?

In the event your package is returned to me because either you were unable to claim your mail or your address was incorrect when you placed your order, I can post it out to you again. However, the post office charges me the return shipping costs to reclaim the package, and again to ship the package to your location a second time. I will have to charge these costs to you, the buyer, before I can resend the package. If you do not wish to pay the additional costs to reclaim your package I can issue you a refund for your purchase. Please get in contact with me as soon as you can after placing your order if you think your address is incorrect.

Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

I ship all orders as quickly as humanly possible so you can get them faster and also so I don't have to stress about piles of orders growing out of control. All in stock items will be posted ASAP when you place an order, however PREORDER listings do not ship until the items are back in stock. I provide as much information as I can when posting a listing for preorders, especially the decks, so customers have all the same information as I do. Often preorders can take weeks or even months to become available but the listing is up for those who know they want one and are willing to wait. I post updates regularly on social media and also send out e-mails to the list when products are back in stock. Join the mailing list and/or follow my IG (@thefoxtarot) to stay in the loop.


Where does the Fox name come from?

I get asked this a lot! Fox on an Island was born after moving to Gabriola Island, but the name Fox has been around since I was a kid and started using my soap opera name (middle name + the street you grew up on). Taylor Fox!

What is the difference between The Fox Tarot: Pips Edition and The Fox Universe: A Self Care Oracle?

This comes up a lot and I have tried to make it as clear as possible right here on the website. Long story short; The Fox Tarot is a traditional tarot deck with astrology elements included on the card reversals. The Fox Universe is an oracle style deck on a re-imagined tarot framework with a self care focus (it's totally different from a traditional deck).

Why is it called "Pips Edition"?

The Fox Tarot was created in 2017 and I've made some changes since then. The original deck was designed using 'pips' for the minor arcana, meaning the artwork on the Ace to 10 cards is simple like a playing card (ie the 5 of cups card features a design with 5 cup symbols but no other images). In 2020 I began working on an illustrated edition that features full drawings for the minor arcana that draw from the traditional images of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Some readers find an illustrated minor arcana easier to read as the images give clues to the meaning of the card, whereas some readers have the meanings memorized and/or prefer a more minimalist design. It's unique to the user but in general Pips decks are better for experienced readers and can be challenging for beginners who don't want to rely on looking things up in the guidebook all the time.

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