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0 The Fool


Upright Meaning: New beginnings, spontaneity, going on a journey, optimism, trust, innocence, naivety, a free spirit.

Represents: A choice being offered.

Reversed: Uranus. Awakening, chaos, change, deviance, non-conformity, invention, liberation, transformation

Ages: Birth to three. Innocence, trust, naivety

TL;DR: Up: Beginning Down: Awakening

The Fool is the first of 78 cards in the tarot deck. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana (1-21) represent the Fool’s Journey, with the Fool sitting at number 0 and representing, well, you! As the Fool searches for enlightenment, he must pass 21 guides along the way. Each of the 21 guides requires an action be taken before the fool can continue.

When The Fool appears in a reading, he is indicating the start of a journey, but also optimism, trust, innocence, naivety, new beginnings. Imagine yourself as the Fool at the start of an adventure; how does this apply to your life, your relationships, your work, or your goals in general? Are you setting off on a new project without being prepared? Be careful your optimism doesn’t blind you to reality. By all means set off on your journey, but be careful you don’t charge right out and over a cliff.

The Fool’s corresponding astrology/astronomy symbol in The Fox Tarot is Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun and the third largest planetary radius in our solar system. Uranus stands for awakening, chaos, deviance, non-conformity, invention, liberation, and transformation. After you have thought about what the Fool might be trying to tell you, think about the message Uranus is sending. How do the key words associated with Uranus relate to those attached to The Fool? I feel like change and transformation go hand in hand with the start of a journey, and that together Uranus and The Fool give the reader a lot to think about.


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