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00 - The Fox (Self)

The self represents you, the soul that exists in your body as you move through the world.You have been given the gift of life and everything in it starts and ends with you. You are in charge of yourself and you should be making the decisions that get you through living this life, hopefully enjoying your time while you’re here. If you are not enjoying life but are reading this then you are at least surviving and that’s step one. To continue surviving you must care for yourself, first and foremost, physically and mentally, before you can begin to thrive.Your wellness directly impacts your experience of life and everyone deserves to be happy, healthy, and safe. Be your own best friend and give yourself all the best advice. Be stoked on what you see in the mirror. Actively seek a better life for yourself and those you love all the time. Loving yourself in a society that profits off self-doubt is a radical act.


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