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Ace of Diamonds (Solitude)

Time spent alone is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself without distractions.You can be your truest self when spending quality time alone which is essential for self awareness and improvement. Spending time away from others is important for recharging, giving yourself a chance to process daily interactions, increasing creativity, building mental strength, planning your life, and getting to know yourself. Solitude can be beneficial to your well-being but isolation not so much.Too much time spent alone or a lack of social connection can be hard on both your mental and physical health. Find a healthy balance that works for you and take time for yourself as needed to feel rejuvenated. If you struggle to find time to spend by yourself then schedule it in and follow through, ie ever y Monday from 4-5pm I will have an uninterrupted bath, and make it a ritual you look forward to.


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