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I The Magician


Upright Meaning: Creative talents, perception, resourcefulness, mastery, organizational skill, focus, self-discipline, concentration, problem solving.

Represents: Your creative power.

Reversed: Mercury. The messenger, communication, thinking, learning, knowledge, reason, logic, memory, thought.

Ages: Four to seven. Making Connections, perception, problem solving.

TL;DR: Up: Talent Down: Communication

Today we meet the first of the 21 guides on the Fool’s journey, 1 The Magician.

When this card appears in your spread it’s time to think about vision, focus, and self-discipline. What have you set your sights on, and how are you going to get it? The Magician is encouraging you to concentrate on your end goals and formulate a plan for action. Be resourceful! Find a way to overcome any obstacles that may arise and keep pushing towards your target.

The Magician also represents creative talents, mastery, and organizational skill, so for me this really feels like a work heavy card. The Magician prompts thought about your talents and abilities, and how you apply your skills to the tasks at hand. Quick, make a list of 5 things you are really good at. Then make a list of 5 things you want to get really good at. Now make a list of 5 ways that you would be able to follow up on those topics and learn some new skills. They might be as simple as taking a book out of the library or registering for a class, or as monumental as quitting a job to pursue a passion for travelling, or moving cities to go a new school. Now try doing one of those things! This is how the Magician works his magic.

The planet associated with The Magician is Mercury, named for the Roman messenger to the gods and the smallest and innermost planet in our solar system. Mercury has the shortest orbit period at just 88 days around the sun, making it also our swiftest planet. Mercury making an appearance in your reading is all about learning, knowledge, reason, logic, and thought, which is pretty harmonious with the message we get from The Magician about mastery of skills and action. Expand your mind, focus your energies on creative pursuits, and learn something new as often as possible.


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