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Six of Diamonds (Release)

Being able to release past events, relation- ships, people, emotions and/or painful memories is imperative if you want to be able to move forward.Whatever it is that’s weighing on you, start working to let it go.You have no control over the past, it is done. It has shaped you into the person you are now and taught you many lessons, but holding on to old pain or anger only increases the burden you carry now. Sitting in a quiet, safe space with only your thoughts allows you to acknowledge any emotions that are still tied to those memories and feel them as they pass through.They will lessen with time. Forgive yourself and stop feeling guilty. Forgive others who wronged you and know that you do it not to make them feel better but to make yourself feel better. Remind yourself that no matter what happened in the past you love, honour and respect yourself anyway.


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