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Witch of Candles (Shame)

Shame can be described as a painful and unpleasant emotional cocktail of regret, dishonour and self-hate.You feel it in your core that you are flawed, wrong, or not good enough.You may feel shame if you were to cheat at something (or on someone), but you may also be made to feel ashamed by someone else. People shame others to make them feel bad for something they have or haven’t done. Some- times it feels justified (ie catching someone stealing) but people often shame others for things that are none of their business.You do not need to be ashamed of taking time for yourself, reducing your work load, being assertive or sensitive, or of your mental health. Shame, particularly public shaming, is a powerful weapon and people use it to gain control. Feelings of shame can be destructive and hard to recover from. Practice living without shame.


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