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Witch of Diamonds (Instinct)

Human instinct is a natural behaviour that comes hard wired in the brain.The most primal instinct you have is to survive, and you feel any warning signs in your gut.Your intuition is what cautions you about certain people, situations or places that may be harmful. Instinct isn’t always based on evidence, it is just a feeling that you get even if there isn’t a visible reason to be alerted.Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you may be aware of. Trusting your intuition or instinct is to trust in yourself and your most basic body functions. Ignoring a bad feeling in your gut can lead you to trouble.When faced with tough decisions you can consult with friends and family for advice but ultimately you should trust your gut feeling in making your choices in life. Strengthen your intuition by recognizing when it kicks in and listening.What is your intuition telling you?


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