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Wizard of Diamonds (Metamorphosis)

Metamorphosis is an abrupt and complete change or transformation, like when a tadpole turns into a frog or a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Human beings don’t technically go through a metamorphosis, we are born as tiny versions of our adult selves, though it is possible to experience a major shift in your way of thinking and how you live life. Sometimes a metamorphosis, or complete course change, is required to continue surviving and thriving. It can be voluntary or happen not by choice.Transformation may look like moving to a new country, changing careers, recovering from illness or addiction, or becoming a parent. If you are in a place where you are unhappy, overworked or feeling bad about yourself know that you can turn it around and transform into the person you want to be. Personal transformation is a long road and it isn’t always linear.


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