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Wizard of Spoons (Recharge)

Recharging your mind and body when you feel drained of energy is critical to your well- being.Ways to recharge yourself physically include taking a bath, stretching, getting a good nights sleep, eating a healthy meal, and exercising. Recharging your mind can be done by grounding yourself in nature, taking a break from your phone, doing an activity that you really love, or meeting up with a friend. Recharging is giving yourself a boost through small gestures of self care like treating yourself to ice cream, getting your hair done, taking a cat nap, going for a walk on your lunch break, etc. Without taking little moments throughout your day to recharge you may find your energy dwindles very quickly and you crash. Once you have crashed you have to recharge for a longer period to recover. Prevent exhaustion by being kind to yourself and taking breaks.


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