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The Fox Universe Tarot: A Self Care Oracle exists to teach you how to practice real, radical self care in a chaotic world. There are a lot of people out there taking baths (“For self care!”) but that is a pretty basic way to care for yourself when there are many more complex things at work inside you. You deserve more! It’s about structuring your life so you have enough leisure time to actually enjoy a bath, not the bath itself, that will relax you. In this deck I tried to get really specific about all the useful strategies to care for your mind and body but keep it accessible to a broad audience. I have tried to consider perspectives different to my own and be inclusive where possible. For some, practising self care may be complicated by myriad barriers including (but not limited to) poverty, discrimination, disability, illness, racism, homophobia, systemic oppression, etc. For everyone fighting to practice self care despite adversity I see you too.

The idea behind radical self care is that you have the responsibility to care for yourself first before trying to care for others. Airplane safety videos always instruct you to put your oxygen mask on first before trying to help someone else, because if anything happens to you then you aren’t able to help anyone else at all. Caring for yourself first isn’t selfish, it is strategy to ensure you can continue offering your help to others. This deck is a great way to get to know yourself better and reflect on ways to improve your life and really thrive. Please note, however, that it is not an ideal replacement for counselling or therapy with a trained professional if you are really struggling to take control of your emotions, actions or relationships. It’s time to shed the stigma around speaking to someone if you need an outlet, or even if you want to take preventative measures to avoid overwhelm and fatigue. Sometimes it’s nice to just have somebody listen.

"One of my favorite decks of all time! So well rounded and well thought out for self care. I use these cards to plan out my self care activities for the week and leave them out on my reading table so I see them every day, all week, and stay on track with my self-care. The cards look beautiful in a spread, with compelling artwork that inspires and sparks intuition. I am thankful to have this deck." - Traci

The deck itself is based on the traditional tarot framework of 78 (+2) cards: 24 Major Arcana + 56 Minor Arcana. Each of the 4 Minor Arcana suits contains 14 cards (10 pips and 4 Court cards). For The Fox Universe Tarot I have renamed all the cards and suits to fit with my self care concept. The four suits are Wheels (Personal Development), Spoons (Energy), Candles (Burnout), and Diamonds (Recovery). The Court cards are named Student, Ghost, Witch, and Wizard. The 24 Major Arcana guides are also renamed and have new meanings. It is similar to an oracle deck in that it provides the user with 80 words to reflect on. All of these details and the meanings of every card are explained in the guidebook included in each deck.

When I was in art school many years ago we gave a final presentation of our photography work first year. One of my classmates began speaking about how he didn’t have any inspiration for his final concept and had a hard time finding anything he wanted to photograph. He told his father and his Dad’s response, spoken in a serious “dad” tone, was “Maybe you need to look a little closer, son.” We all had a laugh, and he then shared his stunning collection of macro shots (extreme close ups) of tiny little berries, tufts of moss, and insects. I still remember those words today and thought it would work well to feature detailed line drawings of flowers, leaves, mushrooms, and insects onto the cards. The hard part was choosing from all the amazing life taking place around us. One of the ways I have been working on my recovery is to take regular forest walks and I have found a lot of inspiration there.

The artwork style for this deck is a lot more complex and detailed than the art in The Fox Tarot. I wanted the illustrations to be an ode to life; you may find yourself in a place where you think you don’t want to be alive anymore because it’s really hard to see the beauty in the world and I wanted the artwork to be your reminder.

A successful Kickstarter campaign lead to the printing of the first edition of The Fox Universe Tarot in 2019. It sold out in 12 weeks and a second printing was made in January of 2020. The second printing sold out in 14 weeks. A third printing has been ordered as of May 2020 and will be available later in the summer.

All cards and the guidebook were designed by Taylor Haigh on Gabriola in British Columbia, 2019.

"What an amazing deck, I love the concept of a self care tarot Oracle. This is the deck I have been looking for. Thanks." - Tracie

"One word: WOW. This deck is absolutely stunning. So many gorgeous little details. Highly recommend if you’re looking for an interesting tarot variant for your meditation + self-care!" - Kat

"Such a beautiful, amazing, and insightful deck. I highly recommend using it whenever you’re ready to dive deeper into yourself in a spiritual aspect. Be warned though, it’s direct and straightforward. There’s no 'beating around the bush' with this deck. Great to practice on, can be used for any level of tarot reader but better for intermediate readers. 5/5 stars!" -Cecilia

"Beautiful deck, perfect gift for tarot-loving friends who need more support to focus on self-care, carefully packaged, thoughtfully designed." - Nyanone

"This is the tarot/Oracle deck I've been waiting for! It's accessible (no hanged man or death to scare people off), the words and themes are so carefully considered, and the focus on self-care means that I can share the experience of this deck with anyone and they can see themselves in it. I have loved working with it in the short time I've had it." - becksplusworld

"This is a beautiful deck. Very well made, card stock is a nice weight. Imagery is interesting and detailed. The box is of great quality, it will protect the deck for years to come. I was drawn to this deck even in the computer images. I'm so happy I purchased it." - sjseery

"This is my first deck and I specifically picked it because of the focus on self-care. I loved the guidebook and I found that reading these cards can be rather intuitive. The art is beautiful and the gold sides are elegant. I would suggest this deck to anyone." - Kara

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