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This 77 page digital workbook is designed to give you all the techniques needed to add Tarot to your self care toolbox. It will show you:


* How to begin with Tarot

* Select a deck

* Choose a journaling style

* Interpret the cards through a self care lens

* Set up simple card spreads

* Create a self care routine you can stick with

* Manage negative thoughts that may arise


Some readers use the Tarot to tell them their future, and some use the cards as a way to prompt thinking and reflect on issues at hand. I have taken to using the tarot deck for therapy purposes; I find that using the cards allows me to have a conversation with myself about what is on my mind superficially as well as provide a way to tap into my subconscious. The cards act as facilitator of the session and I go where they lead. When I am struggling to make decisions I consult the cards and allow them to ask me questions about what is going on. I have found this infinitely helpful in reaching my true feelings about the situations that arise in my life.


Whether you use the deck to delve deeper into personal issues or to divine your future, it’s up to you. The intent of this workbook is to spark thought in the user in terms of personal growth and/or exploring your mind. Which cards do you like, and which are you less fond of? Think about why that may be and if there is room for any closer examination. Tarot is all about connecting with yourself on a personal and emotional level.


Workbook includes:


* Introduction to using tarot as a tool for self care

* 12 Journal Templates

* Card Interpretations Guide

* 11 Card Spreads

* Additional pages for notes

+ more


After you have completed the first four sections of the workbook you can pick and choose what worked for you and what did not, what you liked and what you didn’t, and ultimately craft a ritual for yourself that will help you to gain new insights into yourself going forward.


Table of Contents:


Introduction to tarot + self-care

Read a bit about the history of Tarot cards and how they can be used as a tool for healing, discovery and self care routine.


How to start journaling

Get into the habit of journaling your thoughts and feelings with template journal pages and a handy list of writing prompts.


Interpreting the cards

Discover the meanings behind the cards through a self care lens as well as how to read cards intuitively rather than with a guidebook.


Simple card spreads

Starting with a single card pull, take a closer look at the many ways you can use card spreads as a means of facilitating conversation with yourself.


Creating a self care routine

Learn how to build the perfect self care routine for yourself and how to stick to it to maintain mental health using the Tarot.

Tarot for Self Care Workbook

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  • Benefits of a Digital File:


    * No waiting! A download link will be provided immediately after purchase is complete

    * Less waste! No packing materials are needed

    * You don't pay for shipping!

    * Store it on your phone or tablet and have it on hand for viewing everywhere

    * Print it at home and pop into a binder or folder for your own use for cheaper than it would be to buy a hard copy from me

    * Print the journal template pages as many times as you need

    * You can highlight and mark up as much as you want, then print a fresh copy

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