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I have been studying the tarot for many years and use it weekly to check in with myself mentally and explore the way I think and feel about what is happening around me. If I am involved in a situation and I'm not entirely sure how to proceed, I find it infinitely helpful to sit down with the cards and process the way I am feeling with prompts from the cards I pull. The messages I am given really help me to think deeper about the people in my life and the decisions I make, and often lead me to my true feelings in a way I may not discover if left on my own.

Do I think the cards are revealing the future? No. The power does not lie in the cards, truthfully, it lies in the user. I think the cards have the ability to make the user focus on the problem at hand and come to their own conclusions by directing the mind into places the user might not otherwise go. I think they have the ability to reveal what the user feels subconsciously but may not be aware of yet, or assist with reaching eureka moments that may otherwise go unrealized.

Do you have an issue at hand and need guidance? Allow the cards to put your mind into high gear. Look for the connections between what the cards say and how it applies to the situation. If they tell you something that you disagree with, why do you disagree? Think about what it could mean if you changed your view, for example. If the card you pull feels instantly correct, think about what that means as well. Are you happy with what the cards say, will you act on them? The possibilities are pretty endless.

I would love to help out by pulling your cards and explaining the meanings for you, and together we can look for the ways they speak to you, or don't, and what that means for each unique situation. There are several options available. Each package includes a digital photograph of your card spread along with a document explaining the meanings of the cards and how it relates your question.

Benefits of a tarot reading can include providing new perspectives on old issues, clarifying your true feelings, and tapping into your subconscious for guidance when you feel stuck.



Single Card Readings

  • Daily Meditation Card

Start the day with a card pull to set the tone. Is it a positive card? A negative card? What kind of day do you feel you will have if it is a card you connect with? Or disagree with? Each card tells a story, how does that story reflect your life or the lives of the people around you? If it is a card that suggests kindness, will you enter your day with kindness in your heart? Think about the message conveyed and what you can do about in in 24 hours.

  • Simple Yes or No

Everyone loves a simple, direct answer. Ask a yes or no question and see whether the card pulled is positive or negative.

Three Card Readings

  • Past-Present-Future

This is a classic tarot spread that takes a closer look at the path you are walking. The past is shown in the first card and represents obstacles you may have already overcome, relationships that have ended, and things you have left behind but can continue to reflect on your present path. The present card shows where you are now and what may currently be happening around you. The future card shows what is possible down the line, or outlines goals you may want to focus on or give up in favour of something new.

  • You-Other Person-Relationship

A good spread for the querent that wants to focus on their relationships. The first card represents you, the second card represents the other person, and the final card shows the ways you are connected to each other.

  • Situation-Action-Outcome

This spread is great for work related questions. The first card shows the situation you find yourself in, followed by the second card which prompts thought on how you could take action on that situation, or if action is warranted. The final card shows what the outcome could look like in relation to the action you wish to take.

Four Card Readings

  • 1. What you know 2.What they know 3. What you don't know 4. What they don't know

This 4 card spread takes a closer look at the querent and where they are on the path. The first card shows what you already know about yourself and the world. The second card shows what others know or feel about the querent. The third card reveals what you may not know or what has not crossed your mind. The final card prompts the querent to think about what others may not know about them. This could apply to something you have kept private deliberately or something you can express more clearly to your friends if you want it known.

  • 1. Matter at hand 2. What you shouldn't do 3. What you could do 4. Possible outcomes

This is another great spread when applied to work or other creative endeavours. The first card shows the matter at hand or illustrates what the problem might be. The second card shows what the querent shouldn't do in relation to the matter at hand. The third card prompts the querent to think about what action they would like to take in relation to the matter at hand. The final card shows what the outcomes may look like following the chosen action.

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