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The Illustrated Fox Tarot is an astrology-inspired tarot deck that blends together traditional tarot wisdom with the zodiac and planets. Each box includes 78 fully illustrated cards and a 116 page guidebook. All cards and the guidebook were designed and written by Taylor Haigh on Gabriola Island in British Columbia, 2021.

KICKSTARTER FUNDED OCTOBER 1ST, 2021! See the campaign page here.


The original Fox Tarot (created in 2017) was recently reworked into a Pips Edition featuring a minimalist graphic style with a Minor Arcana that was styled after the simplicity of playing cards. The Illustrated Fox Tarot is a different edition of the same deck using all the same astrology-related reversals and guidebook descriptions, but with brand new and detailed illustrations for each card that reference the original Rider Waite Smith tarot deck imagery. Illustrated cards, particularly in the Minor Arcana, make it easier for readers to decipher the meaning of the card as the scenes and symbols depicted reveal what the message of the card is. This fully illustrated edition will be a joy to look at as well as make it easier for newbie and advanced readers alike to get a feel for the tone of each card.

The guidebook covers meanings for all 78 cards in addition to zodiac signs, astronomy, elements, card suits, and additional card groupings. It also discusses intention, tarot therapy, and card spreads. The tarot is a tool to help you on your journey of self exploration, asking the questions you didn't think to ask and leading you to new revelations and discoveries about yourself.


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