Tarot can be your tool for maintaining mental health and self care by prompting you to explore ideas you may not consider on your own. Have a conversation with your subconscious.


The Fox Universe: A Self Care Oracle

Drawing on a decade of experience in social work, Taylor has written and illustrated a thorough guide to practicing self care in a stressful world. Learn to recognize signs of burnout and add some essential tools to your personal development toolbox with 80 beautifully detailed cards to assist you. Each deck includes a 96 page guidebook that is filled with strategies for maintaining mental health and achieving balance in your life. Learn more about The Fox Universe here.

The Fox Tarot

The Fox Tarot is an astrology-inspired tarot deck that blends together traditional tarot wisdom with the zodiac and planets. Each box includes 78 cards and a 116 page guidebook that covers meanings for all 78 cards in addition to zodiac signs, astronomy, elements, card suits, and additional card groupings. It also discusses intention, tarot therapy, and card spreads. Learn more about The Fox Tarot here.

The tarot is a tool to help you on your journey of self exploration, asking the questions you didn't think to ask and leading you to new revelations and discoveries about yourself.

Intrigued? Scroll through the Online Guidebooks for both decks right here!

Fox on an Island is a woman-owned + operated Gulf Island micro-business with a focus on self care + personal magic. Products include The Fox Tarot, The Fox Universe Tarot: A Self Care Oracle, tarot journals, tarot cloths, pouches + wall hangings, lunar calendar, enamel pins, hand-screened patches, greeting cards, and hand-poured 100% soy wax scented candles.