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This listing is for one 36 page Tarot Journal. This lightweight tarot journal provides 31 template pages to challenge you to record a card reading every day for one month.


Each page contains all the shorthand symbols you need to jot down your card draws quickly; the symbols of the left column represents the 22 Major Arcana cards and on the right are the 22 reversals featured in The Fox Tarot (simply circle the ones you’ve drawn.) At the bottom is a grid allowing you to record the Minor Arcana cards drawn by marking a U for upright or R for reversed in the box that corresponds to the suit and card number. Mark with an X if you don’t want to use reversals. If you are interested in the influence of the moon you can mark the current phase using the moon symbols under the date line. Once your cards are recorded you can use the notes area to record your impressions, questions, and other ideas over the course of the day.


The Shorthand Symbols Legend is included in the book, and Quick Reference Meanings for all 78 cards and 10 moon phases are listed in the back. All keywords correspond to the information written in The Fox Tarot guidebook, though you can use any tarot reference you want.


The purpose of this journal is to encourage you to practice tarot everyday as a way to reflect on life and facilitate inner dialogue. It may provide new insights or help you get unstuck. The last page gives you space to record final thoughts at the completion of the month. You might even learn some new things about yourself!


Journal is printed in black and white on matte white cardstock, staple bound. Measures 4” x 6”. Comes in protective plastic sleeve.

Tarot Journal (31 Day)