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FOLKLIFE MAGAZINE - Issue 02, 2020/2021 "Survival Guide for the Dark Side"

ARTICLE: "Tarot for Self-Care" by Taylor Haigh featuring Six Steps for Trying Your Hand at Tarot.

PRODUCTS WE LOVE: Round Up featuring The Fox Tarot: Pips Edition and The Fox Universe Tarot: A Self Care Oracle.

FOLKLIFE MAGAZINE - Issue 03, 2021 "Restless Dreamers"

FOLKLIFE CONNECT Readers Respond: "FOLKLIFE and The Fox Tarot have inspired me to add tarot cards to my tool box for managing mental health. I'm excited to get learning and eventually work my way up to one of her beautiful decks." Caroline Roach, Nanaimo. 

GABRIOLA ARTS COUNCIL (GAC) GASP! (Gabriola Artist Support Program), 2021

Recipient of an arts grant to support the creation of The Illustrated Fox Tarot project.

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